The hottest destination in the current market, China is brimming with opportunities for international contractors. In practical terms China is an eminently liveable destination. Cost of living ranges from the ridiculously cheap all the way to the top, but your household costs are very low by international standards. This makes it especially attractive to families. The language barrier can feel intimidating at first, but the locals are genuinely curious about foreigners and there are well established expat communities in all major cities.

China Freelance Work Permit

In recent years its been treated by many Expatriates as something of an "anything goes" destination with regard to immigration and taxation due to the limited controls in place. However this is all rapidly changing as the authorities are increasingly targeting the expat market, especially in the area of taxation. And whilst always suggests you stay on the right side of the law in ANY country, in China that recommendation carries even more urgency.


Our partners unique sponsorship product, the best in the Chinese market, offers a work permit for contractors. The benefits include:

- full compliance with local immigration laws

- long term visa with unlimited entry and departure, no more "business visa runs", no worry about changes to visa processing regulations and times, no concern going through immigration control

- freedom to work with any end client for any duration

- security and comfort of using long established international market leader

- visa allows for entry of spouse and dependants

- local salary compliance

- understanding of dual taxation implications through regional offices


Additionally they can offer you excellent tax & financial management to ensure you stay on the right side of the authorities whilst keeping a reasonable % of your gross billing. Want a free assessment of your situation?