German Contractor Management Companies

Despite the financial crunch, the IT recruitment market in Germany has remained resilient. In order to attract expert contractors, recruitment companies are offering slightly higher rates. Recruitment companies are constantly seeking ways to offer higher value contracts without any additional cost to them. With the considerable contractor management complications in Germany, many contractors are reluctant to take a contract in the country. Add complex international tax rules to the stress of a new contract and contractors need some incentive in order to take a contract.

We provide contractors and agencies a solution to complicated contract management. One of our specialities is contractor management services in Germany. We start by consulting with a contractor about their situation and needs. We then match them with the right German contractor management companies. We find umbrella companies that take the burden of fiscal and regulatory compliance issues off the contractor. The end result is the contractor being able to focus on the client, which also benefits the recruitment company. A happy client is always the ultimate goal. We are not affiliated with any recruitment companies, umbrella companies or clients, allowing us to provide unbiased, expert advice on the best umbrella companies in Germany.

German Contractor Management Companies

Contractor Management Services in Germany

In addition to typical administration tasks, Germany contractor management companies even sponsor work permits. Without an umbrella company, the contractor would be responsible for handling recruitment agency invoicing, social security levies, tax deductions and other fees. The company even provides documentation such as tax certificates and payslips for record keeping. Ultimately, taxes are minimised due to the company's tax experts. Should tax withholding become a problem, the contractor management company will invoice the client directly and pay a commission to the recruiter. As a contractor, the only thing you are responsible for is sending in a timesheet and an expense report. As soon as the agency releases funds to the contractor management company, the contractor receives their portion. Fast turn around of cash keeps both recruiters and contractors happy.

Umbrella Company Benefits for Recruitment Agencies

We have in-depth knowledge of the best umbrella companies and contractor management in Germany. We focus on the needs of the contractor, learning about their personal goals and circumstances. The better we understand the contractor, the better matches we can find for them. Our experts save contractors valuable research time so they can focus on other preparations. We provide our service completely free to the contractor. Our pay comes from a commission from the contractor's umbrella company in Germany of choice; however, the contractor always makes the final choice. Our goal is to make the contractor comfortable and reduce overall contract stress.

Recruitment agencies exist to recruit the right contractors for available contracts, while providing clients with multiple options for their contracts. Once a client has made a decision, we work with the contractor to provide advice. In some circumstances should an agency request it, we will help immediately before a decision is made should a leading candidate have reservations due to the complex administration when contracting in Germany.

The recruitment company pays nothing when we work with their contractors. Our advice is extremely valuable to contractors, especially the time saving aspect. It also adds value to the services recruitment companies offer. Both parties benefit and neither pay anything.

While the IT sector is booming, we offer advice on umbrella companies in many high demand industries such as telecommunications, engineering, oil and gas and finance. Contractors and recruiters can rely on our second to none expert knowledge of contractor management companies in Germany.

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